山﨑 佳孝
 ヤマザキ ヨシタカ
 YAMAZAKI Yoshitaka

 Case Western Reserve University  Organizational Behavior  博士  2004/01  修了  USA
 American Graduate School of International Management  Internatonal Management  修士  1990/05  修了  USA

 文教大学  経営学部経営学科  教授  2014/04/01-現在
 国際大学  国際経営学研究科  教授  2009/01-2014/03
 政策研究大学院大学  非常勤講師  2009/02-2013/03
 国際大学  国際経営学研究科  助教授(後、准教授に職名変更)  2006/10-2008/12
 国際大学  国際経営学研究科  専任講師  2004/04-2006/09
 シティバンク銀行  1990/07-1996/01

 Ph.D. of Organizatoinal Behavior  Case Western Reserve University
 Master of International Management  American Graduate School of International Management


 海外留学・進出を支援する英語面接訓練法の開発  科学研究費  2017-2019  基盤研究(C)一般
 海外日系企業におけるローカルマネジャーの適応スキルと習得方法  科学研究費  2009-2012  基盤研究(C)一般
 Japanese expatriates' adaptation: A fits between the skills and the demands  その他  日本学術振興会国際学会等派遣事業  2008-2008
 新潟県魚沼地域における外国人花嫁の定住支援のためのネットワーク構築の研究  その他  トヨタ財団研究奨励金  2006-2007

 Handbook of Research on Cross-cultural Business Education (Ch-8. Cross-cultural differences in learning style and learning skills: A comparison of Japan, Thailand, and the USA)  Yamazaki, Y., Toyama, M., Attrapreyangkul, T. (C.Maheshkar & V.Sharma 編)  IGI Global社  2018/06/08  160-182  1522537767
 The Handbook of Experiential Learning in International Business (Ch-7. A comprehensive approach to understand learning styles across countries: A comparison between the Japanese and Thai employees of Japanese MNCs)  Yamazaki, Y. & Attrapreyangkul, T. (V.Taras & M.L.Gonzales-Perez 編)  Palgrave Macmillan社  2014/12/10  91-112  9781137467706
 新潟県魚沼地域における外国人花嫁の定住支援のためのネットワーク構築 第10章「地域と性別による外国人に対する見方の違い」  山﨑 佳孝(うおぬま国際交流協会―武田 里子編)  夢っくすトヨタ・プロジェクト・チーム  2007/05  62-74
 Absorption and Application of Management Knowledge (e-Book)(Essential competencies for cross-cultural knowledge absorption)  Kayes,D.C., Kayes,A.B., & Yamazaki,Y.(G.Fink & N.Holden 編)  Emerald社  2006  578-589  9781845448127
 Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship: An Assessment of the First Year, (Section 1: An inquiry into the SAGES experience: A quantitative analysis)  Kolb,A.Y., Murphy,V., Puerta,M., & Yamazaki,Y.  2003  3-20

 A comparative study of learning and efficacy in Japan and Indonesia  Toyama, M., & Yamazaki, Y.  Proceeding: 2nd International Conference on Business, Tourism, and Technology, Melaka, Malaysia  2, 34-43  2018/05/05
 Exploring the components of the foreign language classroom anxiety scale in the context of Japanese undergraduates  Toyama, M., & Yamazaki, Y.  Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education  3/ 4, 1-27  2018/03/15
 Learning style differences between undergraduates, MBAs, nonmanagement workers, and managers in Japan  Yamazaki, Y. & Umemura, H.  Journal of Business Administration Research  6/ 1, 1-13  2017/01/18
 A cross-national study of fairness in Asia: How perceptions of a lack of group bias and transparency in the performance evaluation system relate to job satisfaction  Yamazaki, Y. & Yoon, J.  Human Resource Management  55/ 6, 1059-1077  2016/11/16
 日本、マレーシア、タイで働く現地従業員に関する仕事への自信と職務満足の関係についての研究:気質的アプローチ  山﨑 佳孝  経営論集  2/ 1, 1-21  2016/03/28

 A comparative study of learning and efficacy in Japan and Indonesia  研究発表  The 2nd International Conference on Business, Tourism and Technology  2018/05/05
 外国語教室不安尺度の潜在因子の探究  研究発表  言語教育EXPO 2018  2018/03/04
 Learning styles and academic performance: a case of English examinations in Japan  研究発表  The 8th ICEEPSY the International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology  2017/10/12
 An antecedent and a consequence of specific self-efficacy  研究発表  The 9th European Business Research Conference  2017/09/07
 How does specific efficacy rest on an educators’ role in relation to students’ learning style?  研究発表  Science, Technology & Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Education Conference  2017/06/08

 官民協働海外留学支援制度選考委員会  2018/03/11-2020/03/31

 Best Paper Award for World Journal of Management  Learning Style Differences across Career Transitions from Undergraduates to Managers in Japan  2016/09

 Academy of Management
 Academy of International Business