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Bunkyo University has seven faculties: Education, Human Science, Language and Literature, Information and Communications, International Studies, Health and Nutrition, Business Administration. Also it has the Graduate Schools, the Special Postgraduate Course and Foreign Student Department.\n Our University is guided by the spirit of “Education through Ningen Ai”: Empathy for All Humanity, which implies encouraging love for others and leads to enthusiasm for learning. Our University consists of specialized fields of the teaching staff for many divergences. \n This database is a summarized introduction concerning the education carriers and study achievements of our teaching staff. It has been inputted by the hands of our teaching staff themselves.\n We wish that the instruction and research activities of our University will make much activate by the practical use of this database. At the same time we wish that it will develop further in the education, the cooperation, and the interchange between inside and outside researchers.\n Furthermore, we wish that it will become useful and helpful for many people who are interested in our University education and research activities.

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